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Sharing Art: Watercolor Techniques

Through visits to northeast Ohio art museums and schools and conversations with local artists, Sharing Art demonstrates real-world applications of techniques taught in middle and high school art classes. Watercolor Techniques: Mary Kay D'Isa does a tour de force of the techniques and tools used in this approach to painting landscapes. Her tools are a fan brush, palette knife, sponge, plastic wrap, rigger brush, and salt. Her techniques include wet-n-wet, color wash, splatter, scratching,
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Watercolor Art - Rain Leveille

Acrylics, mixed media, ink and paint, clay etc. My work is considered independent or indie, as I haven't established my work in any gallery or venue. I have many pieces which have been done for private parties and hang all over the world in private homes or businesses. Please add comments or rate and many thanks. Music "Harmonica Suite" composed by Dennis Wilkinson & Dan Chapman - solo on Harmonica, Dan Chapman Keywords: watercolor, indie, artist, art, artwork, painting, clay, acrylic,
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Red Roses Chinese Watercolor Painting Tutorial

For rice paper or original artworks please visit www.blueheronarts.com or
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Watercolor Painting Video; Vineyards by Vinita Pappas

create38.com Watch me paint a watercolor landscape using a limited palette and a loose, fast technique. If you would like to learn how to paint like this, I teach an online watercolor class...see http for more info. Thanks for watching and if you liked the video, leave a comment or question,
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Painting Cascading Water: Watercolor Unleashed with Julie Gilbert Pollard

In this ArtistsNetwork.TV video workshop, Painting Cascading Water, Julie uses spattering, salt, gesture, negative painting and playful color to keep the painting fresh and loose, all while concentrating on a variety of soft and hard edges and a pattern of values to keep the painting realistic. By the end of this video, you'll not only understand the way water flows intellectually, but you will be able to portray the feeling of water, whether it be splashes and frothy churning water, rivulets
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Watercolor Portrait Painting Demonstration by Kelly Eddington: Emily

kellyeddington.com This is a watercolor of Emily (my sister), the star of the Beauty Broadcast YouTube channel. This video shows the first 70 minutes of work on her face. What you see on most of her face is just underpainting. Today I concentrated on darkening her eyes, nose, and mouth, so those features really pop against her much-too-light skin. This is about 1/4 of the whole painting, which will include her massive collection of makeup. :) There is intentionally no audio, so imagine episodes
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Watercolour Landscape Painting Demonstration featuring River Wye in Derbyshire

Watercolor landscape painting demo featuring the River Wye in Derbyshire. PAPER: 15" x 11" Fabriano watercolor paper weighing 130lb. BRUSHES: Large Ron Ranson hake, system 3 Daler Rowney ¾" flat and number 3 rigger. COLOURS: Cotman watercolour tubes of Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Light Red, Ultramarine, Lemon Yellow, Payne's Gray and Alizarin Crimson. My paintings are for sale via my website at www.StevenCronin.com Thanks for
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Valentines Roses Chinese Watercolor Painting Tutorial

For rice paper or original artworks please visit www.blueheronarts.com or
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The Art of making Paint.

_______How Daniel Smith Inc. makes its Extra Fine(tm) Watercolors right here in Seattle WA
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Watercolor Painting Demonstration By Lori Andrews

To learn and watch more videos, come join me on my networking online site at: www.loriandrews.ning.com Watercolor demonstration of radishes on a
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