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One version of African ball and string puzzle

There is one version of the African ball puzzles. I tried to demonstrate the whole solving process as slowly as possible. There are two loops each with a polyhedron of different colour at both sides. It's not an easy task to transfer one polyhedron from side to another, which requires quite a careful and delicate skill. I've not shown the "recovery" process because the procedure is just the same. I use Arcylic rod and tube to make this string puzzle somewhat transparent, which makes the solving
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From: jiulianhuan

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Added : 14/01/09 04:55

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Two versions of the African ball and string puzzle.

There are some variations of the African ball puzzles. I tried to demonstrate the whole solving process as slowly as possible. This kind of puzzle has beaten(baffled) me for about 2 years before. So I think this string is really an intriguing one, which requires one's careful and delicate skill to handle it. Besides, the variation contain an Arcylic rod with 2 big holes drilled. The Arcylic variation is quite an interesting stuff since the direction of the movements of the ball or the
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From: erauqscme

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West African Drumming Concert Sponsored by The Danbury Music Centre

West African Drumming concert Sponsored by The Danbury Music Centre on the Danbury Green playing in the Band Shell in Danbury Connecticut on August 6, 2010. A group of over 16 musicians playing djembe hand drums, bougarabou drums, Ashiko drums, a krin which is a hollow wood log with 3 slits at the top that is played with 2 sticks, batá drums using sticks and other instruments as well. Also preforming were the Kariamu Dance Troupe, a man playing a Berimbau which is a single string bow
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From: howielfa

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MUSIC FOR DEEP RELAXATION - Color Therapy (Feat. Tom Rossi) www.innersplendor.com - New Age Music

CD available at iTunes or visit innersplendor.com Inner Splendor Media is proud to present Color Therapy, the continuum of Tom Rossi's exploration into the art of medicinal music. tomrossi.com As a sonic alchemist, Rossi conjures a peacefully potent blend of both well-known instruments, such as the guitar, piano and cello, with more exotic tones from the modified African kora (26-string West African harp-lute), the kalimba and m'bira (South African thumb pianos), and the sitar from India.
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From: Music4DeepMeditation

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Chiara String Quartet

The North Dakota Museum of Art hosted a gala celebration featuring the Chiara String Quartet to announce the establishment of the Jean Holland Endowment for Classical Music, the first promised gift to the Museum's Celebrate Music Fund in the Museum's galleries on September 30,
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Satsuma biwa & African drum duo Gajin 雅人- Reijin

Sorry for the poor sound quality; I recorded this with my mobile phone. Gajin is a duo consisting of myself on Satsuma biwa and my friend playing the African djembe (also known as the jimbay). His drum has a wooden head instead of the usual leather one which gives a very rich sound! Here we perform our song "Reijin" to a slideshow of Japanese art. Please leave your
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From: Obakedake

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Added : 11/11/08 16:37

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Intermediate Akonting playing by Remi Jatta. 2003

This video shows Remi Jatta from Mlomp, Casamance region,how to play the Akonting on an intermediate
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From: UlfJagfors

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Added : 01/10/06 12:10

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Pope Benedict XVI: Art is Universal

On his name day, the Holy Father attended a concert in the Clementine Hall where the Henschel Quartet and mezzo-soprano Susanne Kelling performed "The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross" by Joseph Haydn in the version by the Spanish Royal Court composer Jose Peris Lacasa. In this new version, performed for the first time at the Spanish Royal Court during the 2008 Holy Week, Peris Lacasa reworks the version for the string quartet and the written oratory by Haydn himself. At the end of the
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From: vatican

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My Favorite Things from Africa

A Black History tribute featuring silk string artist Peter Tettey of Ghana, West Africa and Countee Cullen's famous poem, Heritage where he asks, "What is Africa to
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From: motherlandsound

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