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CONFLUENCE - New Large Flow Paintings by Jonas Gerard ...

When multiple currents of creativity move in the same direction, their meeting point becomes a nexus from which something greater flows. For some time now two such currents have been gathering in Jonas' artistic headwaters: the urge to create very large paintings and the desire to further explore flow painting.

Large canvases are where Jonas' creative spirit soars best. Reminiscent of his early days as a dancer, his abstract,...  [more...]

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Shop Online - Art & Craft | Art Supplies | Craft Supplies ...

Shop online or visit one of our 27� Art & Craft stores for a wonderful range of art & craft supplies including: acrylic,...

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Canvas, Canvas for Painting, Discount Canvas |


History of Canvas

Canvas began to outdistance wood panels as the preferred medium for painters in Northern Europe around the 17th century. During the Renaissance period, painters often layered many coats of white lead paint on to their canvases and polished the surface until it was as smooth as possible. This was done to prevent the texture of the canvas from appearing visible in the...

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Contemporary canvas art | Canvas artwork: Contemporary ...

Contemporary canvas art, original canvas art, bespoke canvas artwork, textured canvas art and outdoor canvas paintings. Original art, in any size or colours. All canvases are high quality, original art and fully hand-painted, delivered direct from the artist, at extremely affordable prices.

Affordable original art by Yorkshire Artist, Kerry Bowler.


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Date: 2017-03-10 10:21:20

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Michael Heizer - November 5 - December 21, 2016 - Gagosian

Download Press Release PDF (93 Kb)

Opening reception: Saturday, November 5th, from 6:00 to 8:00pm

I like runic, Celtic, Druidic, cave painting, ancient, preliterate, from a time back when you were speaking to the lightning god, the ice god, and the cold-rainwater god.

--Michael Heizer

Gagosian is pleased to present new paintings and negative wall sculptures by Michael Heizer. Heizer made the...

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