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Art therapy is the deliberate use of art-making to address psychological and emotional needs, facilitated by an Art Therapist.  Art therapy uses art media and the creative process to help in areas such as, but not limited to: fostering self-expression, create coping skills, manage stress, and strengthen sense of self.  Art therapy has provided mental health treatment for clients who have experienced trauma, grief & loss,...

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Master's degree in Art Therapy | NDNU

The Art Therapy Psychology Department at Notre Dame de Namur University is the only one of its kind in Northern California. It is unique because it provides a Master of Arts in Art Therapy, which qualifies a student to sit for the Licensed Professional Clinical License (LPCC), as well as a licensure course of study, leading to a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, while preparing the student for a Marriage and Family Therapy License (MFT)....

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Art Therapy Schools | Art Therapy Programs, Colleges, Courses

nursing homes

special schools

If you're interested in becoming a professional art therapist, it's a good idea to review some of our art therapy education articles, including educational requirements and certification .

What is an Art Therapy School or College?

Art therapy schools help students develop strong foundational skills that help them interpret art in a way that is more personal &...

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Tobias School of Arts & Therapy

Welcome to Tobias School of Art and Therapy

We run many specialist courses



"Art is a revelation of the secret laws of nature which, without it, would...

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Art Therapy - Ursuline College

School of Arts & Sciences | Art Therapy

Aims and Objectives�

The Undergraduate Art Therapy major will provide students with both theoretical foundations and practical experience while learning the diverse application of art therapy. The curriculum prepares students well for entry into graduate level art therapy studies. Students may enter the bridge program, which prepares them for...

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Website: http://www.ursuline.edu

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California Art Therapy Schools & Programs | California (CA)

Arts Based Therapy

Corporate Consulting

Service to Students: Our mission is to provide an educational experience of unparalleled quality to each student. Our programs provide the thorough academic grounding needed for professional success, with an emphasis on experiential learning and exploration through studio work, classes and workshops.Through shared art-making, students and faculty form a learning community deeply rooted in the body, senses and imagination. Students become disciplined in phenomenology: the...

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Art Therapy Schools Europe,Spain courses,postgraduate ...

Short Art Courses: 

- Duration: 5-8 weeks

At the beginning of the short-term stay, the student will be assigned a personal tutor, who will monitor the work of the student once a week thoughout the stay.

Students are completely integrated with the student-group on the International Workshop and can participate in all scheduled classes and activities.

Initial Diploma in Art Therapy (Taught in...

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Top Art and Design Schools - Study.com

Top Art and Design Schools

Top Art and Design Schools

Art and design degrees are fairly common among many colleges in America, but choosing the best one for you can have many advantages. Preview several of the top schools in the field and learn about what kind of benefits each has for its students.

School Information

The colleges and universities profiled below offer bachelor's and master's...

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Website: study.com

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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Art Therapy - Lesley University


Bachelor of Science (BS) in Art Therapy

The Bachelor of Science in Art Therapy will give you the tools and techniques to use art modalities such as painting, drawing, and sculpture to assist adults and children in a variety of healing settings.

Home > Undergraduate Degrees

Use Creativity to Assist in Healing

You have a passion for art and a desire to make a difference. You recognize the...

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Top 10 Best Art Schools | Synonym

Top 10 Best Art Programs

For the creative student, art school is a great choice, but first you need to be sure that the school you choose fits your style. US News and World Report ranks art schools each year, but each school has different strengths. It's a good idea to investigate them to find the one that's best for you.

Rhode Island School of Design

The graduate program of RISD is ranked number...

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Open Studio: Art Therapy Internships - 100th Monkey Studio ...


What do interns do at the studio?

Our unpaid internships are an on-site work experience that relates to an educational path or possible career interest.� In our studio interns might use this opportunity to explore a career path as an artist, educator and/or art therapist. Internships in the studio provide job experience and can be used on resumes.� Interns are supervised by a...

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Website: http://the100thmonkeystudio.com

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Bachelors Degree in Art Education at Online Schools

Online Bachelor's Degree in Art Education

Is an Art Education Degree Right for You?

Art education bachelor's degrees teach students about fine arts, like painting and sculpture, and show them how to use art to enhance students' learning experiences. Students will take classes that keep them current on art education research and the theories behind creative instruction. They will also gain...

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Art As Therapy Alain de Botton | The School of Life Shop

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Art therapy children...

Okay, now what?

Talk to the children for a few minutes about the topic for each project. Each session will have a theme or question the child answers with his artwork. It really is not that important what topic you choose, you can make up subjects appropriate to the situation.

The goal is to get the child talking and expressing his painful emotions. He can choose...

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Art student acquires huge social media following ...

Art student acquires huge social media following, launching career while at high school

Art student acquires huge social media following, launching career while at high school

February 8, 2017


Talented teenager Kate Powell has shared her Art projects on social media platforms since she was fifteen years old. She currently has over 12,000 fans on Facebook and 34,000 followers on tumblr ,...

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Art Academy of San Diego Art Classes, Courses & Schools

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Since opening its doors in 1998, the Art Academy of San Diego's mission has been to provide education and opportunity to the artist in

all of us. We offer classes in drawing, painting, printmaking, jewelry, stained glass, and mosaic, and numerous techniques within each of these disciplines. Taught by professional artists, these classes will provide you with the creative outlet you have been seeking.



Winter/Spring I : January 2 - February 18

Winter/Spring II : February 20 - April 8


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Website: http://artacademyofsandiego.com

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