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More Info: A Walk Into Abstracts - Volume Two [http://best4guide.artzy2.hop.clickbank.net/]] A Walk Into Abstracts Vol 4- Ultimate Abstract Artist Resource [[http://best4guide.artzy4.hop.clickbank.net/]] A Walk Into Abstracts Vol 5- Ultimate Abstract Artist Resource [[http://best4guide.artzy5.hop.clickbank.net/]] A Walk Into...

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Paintings original landscape seascape abstract art for sale

Examples of my early paintings are surprisingly original, colourful and inventive. These artworks are from the beginning of my artistic career.  Painting and sculpting part-time, after working all day as an architect in an office, the achievement is quite admirable.


This online fine art gallery shows a broad range of my contemporary paintings, bas-reliefs, sculptures and works on...

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Date: 2016-11-20 05:52:41
Website: http://www.ernie-gerzabek.com

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Italian Paintings & Famous Italian Artists

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Italian paintings are some of the best examples of European art since the Middle Ages are were particularly influential during the Renaissance periods which were initiated by some of the famous Italian artists that you will find below. This website attempts to cover all art movements in which Italian painters played an important role, but there is a particular focus on the...

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Date: 2017-02-05 11:01:59
Website: http://italianpaintings.org

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Artists - Painters and Fine Art Paintings

Chalda Maloff - TX 

My art reflects my abiding optimism. I work shapes and colors towards an expressive whole that will have the power to evoke emotion, sensuality, and spirituality. I employ the suggestion of backlighting or inner glow, which I believe elicits a near-universal response of warmth and gratification. My artist's lexicon of transparency, juxtaposition, and spatial ambiguity...

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Date: 2017-03-03 21:18:57
Website: http://www.art-collecting.com

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Adrian Rigby - Marine Art Maritime Paintings Aviation Art

Official website of artist Adrian Rigby, who is universally recognized as a world's top award winning artist. Adrian's art includes mammals, bird art, landscape art, aviation art and of course maritime art. This artist like many others painters of wildlife art, travels the world in search of subjects for his original wildlife paintings and bird art, using as reference animals and birds seen at...

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Date: 2016-03-05 01:31:39
Website: http://www.originalwildlifeart.com

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Art.com - Artpad | Paint Online

If you want to Paint Online then you should try using the Artpad from Art.com , it's a free tool and is kinda fun.

The Artpad is more or less the the MS Paint which is pre loaded in Windows Operating systems. As they say, Painting brings in the real you and helps you expresses the things you can't through words.

The Art.com artpad has features and tools to create some cool paintings online. Let me tell you this before you actually get into this website, it is a simple yet nice Online Painting tool and nothing like photoshop.

The coolest feature about Artpad is the 'replay painting' where it shows you the video or the animated version of what you...

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Website: http://npxp.com

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Examples of Artists Statements - Art Business Info. for ...

The best place to find examples of artist's statements fast is the Internet.

Take a look at:

gallery websites - and statements made by the artist describing their work for an exhibition

'about the artist' on artists blogs

artists' websites�- where it might be found under a number of headings such as 'About the Artist', Bio, Work etc

If you've got time, collect exhibition catalogues and find...

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Website: http://www.artbusinessinfo.com

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French Paintings & Famous French Artists

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Famous French paintings are much loved right across the world and this website brings you a great collection of the most impressive French artists, famous painters and their most impressive oil paintings. There are also images of French paintings for you to enjoy below as well as detailed information on the major French artists to have come from the past five centuries. We...

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Date: 2017-02-05 11:04:13
Website: http://frenchpaintings.org

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Fine Art Giclee Printer, Digital Printmaking,Fine Art Printing

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For eighteen years Harmony Color has been committed to creating museum quality Giclée fine art digital prints of the highest quality. Our extensive list of fine art clients includes painters, photographers, publishers and art galleries. Many of these prints are exhibited in major museums throughout the world such as the Corcoran...

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Date: 2016-06-22 19:39:40
Website: http://www.gicleeharmonycolor.com

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"Centaur Art Gallery - Voted #1 Art Gallery in Las Vegas ...

Centaur Art Gallery News

Get the latest and greatest news about the art industry right here at Centaur Art Galleries website.

~ Centaur Art Galleries

You are cordially invited to join us July 30th for a private reception featuring the mystical works of art by Michael Parkes.

Michael Parkes is the world's leading magical realist painter, sculptor and stone lithographer. His works are sought after by celebrities,...

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Website: http://centaurgalleries.com

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Art Quotes

Andy Warhol quotes and paintings...


Welcome to the ArtQuotes.net website. This is a growing collection of art quotes by creative people of all types. Among them are painters, architects, photographers, musicians, entertainers, and much more. Enjoy!


Art Quotes

Browse the collection of art quotes about all sorts of arty things by famous artists, photographers ,...

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Date: 1970-01-01 00:24:39
Website: http://www.artquotes.net

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Artist Jack Fellows Official Website: Aviation Art ...

NEW! Original Oil Paintings by Jack Fellows now available to the public for the first time.

NEW! Limited Edition Giclee Prints are now available for every painting featured on the website!

Cactus Air Force

Putting Louie the Louse out of Business

Edition: One Hundred and ninety-nine reproductions

Artist's proofs: Ten

Image size: 17.5" x 14"


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Website: http://www.jackfellows.com

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