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About Tirage Fine Art Gallery

Located in the art and antique district of Pasadena, California, Tirage Fine Art Gallery offers more than 3500 original representational oil paintings, pastels, drawings and sculpture by sixty recognized artists in styles ranging from traditional and plein air landscapes to impressionism, urban expressionism, figurative, and photo realism....

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Website: http://tirageart.com

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Oil Painting process, the alla prima method

Alla Prima, an oil painting process.

This painting process is one most of us have seen on TV and learned within most art schools today.� The "alla prima" method, or "at first attempt", is a direct method of painting that is completed mostly in one sitting.� In older days, quite a bit of planning went into it, but now a days, its more of a direct approach without prior planning involved.


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Website: http://www.easy-oil-painting-techniques.org

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The Color of Art: Free Artist Reference Books and eBooks

|| Free Art Magazines || Oil Painting || Pigments, Color & Paint || Watercolors || Other Arts ||

*Disclaimer: Here I have collected links to some of my favorite and interesting historical and free art books, artist handbooks and artist's reference works. Many of these books are in the public domain, but there are also many works that are still in copyright and are the property of the copyright...

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Date: 2014-06-05 22:02:26
Website: http://www.artiscreation.com

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Asian Wall Art - Cheap Canvas Art - Oil Paintings for Sale

Home �::� Asian Canvas Art

Asian Canvas Art

Asian art refers to art among many cultures in Asia, there are many various kinds of Asian art which exist including Bhutanese, Burmese...

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Website: http://www.cheapwallarts.com

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Gage Academy of Art – Seattle, WA

Home Mitch Albala 2017-03-10T10:03:05+00:00

Art & Architecture in Florence

June 29-July 14: Join Geoff Flack and Carol Hendricks for this unparalleled opportunity to study the art and architecture of the Renaissance while refining your drawing skills in Florence, Italy! Learn more HERE !

Bas-Relief Sculpting

Apr 29-Apr 30:�Develop drawing skills beyond 2d by working compositions in clay in our weekend workshop� Bas-Relief Sculpting , with Mardie Rees, and learn the skills needed to create subtle details in relief. Learn...

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Website: http://www.gageacademy.org

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Contemporary Art and Paintings By British Contemporary ...

Contemporary Art and Paintings By British Contemporary Artists.

Martin Llewellyn Exhibition - opens 19 March 2017

Contemporary Art, Paintings and Limited Edition Prints from British artists

Red Rag Gallery specialises in Modern British and Contemporary British Art and holds exhibitions throughout the year. Red Rag is the perfect place for collectors and lovers of fine British contemporary art....

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Website: redraggallery.co.uk

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Fine art landscape paintings South Africa| buy original ...


Landscape Art Gallery

A powerful landscape painting can give us a strong sense of the place it depicts and is the next best thing to being there. Not only is it constantly rewarding to have a painting or photograph that gives us...

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Website: http://www.stateoftheart-gallery.com

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Genuine Fine Art Reproduction | Art Reproductions | Art ...

Contact us



Museum Quality Paintings

News - Our Oil Painting is Front Cover of The Windsor Society Magazine


Hello! I'm Tim. I'm one of the founders of Fabulous Masterpieces &...

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Date: 2017-02-22 15:45:59
Website: http://www.fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk

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John LINES artist, paintings and art at the Red Rag ...

British Art and Artists at Red Rag Gallery

Artist: John LINES

John Lines was born in 1938 in Rugby Warwickshire. He studied art in Warwickshire at Rugby Polytechnic from 1959 and then at York School of Art from 1961 to 1962.

Lines has been exhibiting his contemporary paintings since leaving art school. But initially his time was shared between art activities and working in Industry.

John Lines...

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Website: redraggallery.co.uk

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Realistic Landscape Oil Paintings by William Hagerman

Realistic Landscape Paintings

Welcome to the realistic oil paintings and artwork of William Hagerman that include realistic paintings

of the American west, southwest landscape, Texas hill country, bluebonnet paintings and other beautiful views of the rural countryside.

You will find solace among the elegant oil paintings that highlight the majesty of the landscape captured in a moment of time and then translated to canvas by the artist's hand. As humans we are made up of the elements of the earth, and when we...

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Date: 2017-01-04 19:55:16
Website: http://www.hagermanart.com

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3-piece Canvas Art Sets - Three Piece Canvas Wall Art ...



A wall hung with pictures is a wall hung with thoughts. This is perhaps why canvas art oil paintings are very popular with people who want to improve their home décor and add a personal touch to their homes. The latest trend in canvas which is fast becoming a fashion is the 'three piece canvas art sets'. Three piece canvas oil painting sets are available in small (12"x 24"), medium (25"x...

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Website: mywhitewalls.com

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Modern art paintings for sale online | Buy abstract art ...

Modern abstract art paintings

Modern abstract art paintings

Highly visual modern art styles have become extremely popular. We have a great online range of modern oil paintings, abstract canvas art...

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Website: http://www.decorartive.com.au

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8 Invaluable Canvas Painting Tips - Craftsy

Set all your paintings up for success! Learn how to choose, stretch, prime and paint your canvas. Get my FREE guide »

Canvas is a heavy-duty woven fabric that is used in a variety of ways, from sails to backpacks to marquees. In the painting world, it's usually stretched on a wooden frame. You can purchase pre-stretched canvases or stretch your own .

Canvas is a wonderful surface for painting...

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Website: https://www.craftsy.com

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Beginners Online Acrylic Painting and Drawing Courses with ...

will kemp art school

Will Kemp's Drawing & Acrylic Painting Courses

I've brought together the key principles from the articles on the site into a range of online video courses that go more in-depth into�the fundamentals of drawing and painting.

It is a more systematic approach and has a step-by-step progressive structure to�the learning process.

Below is a suggested route through the courses...

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Website: http://willkempartschool.com

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Glossary of Acrylic Painting Terms – The Ultimate Guide ...

Ever come across a painting tutorial and been stumped by new terms and phrases?

What is an Interference colour? Or a Tar Gel?

Inspired by one of the art school's readers (cheers Carl!) I've compiled a guide to the most commonly used terms in acrylic painting.

Glossaries for oil painting , colour mixing, styles and movements are coming soon (sign up for free email updates so you don't miss...

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Website: http://willkempartschool.com

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Seascape Art For Sale Online. Buy Seascape Paintings

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Seascape Oil Paintings

There is nothing more relaxing then a beautiful seascape or ocean painting on canvas. Seascape artwork has been inspiring artists for thousands of years. The Mediterranean, Pacific Ocean, Greek Islands, French Riveria...all wonderful...

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Website: http://www.directartaustralia.com.au

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Abstract Paintings & Prints for Sale | Original Art ...

Abstract Paintings and Prints for Sale

Abstract paintings can stir our emotions, creatively inspire us, and add a greater level of depth to an entire room simply through the artist's use of color, shape, and texture. Alongside music, abstract art is among the purest forms of expression, as it allows artists the freedom to communicate feelings and emotions unconstrained by forms...

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Website: saatchiart.com

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Buy Canvas Art Online | Modern Canvas Paintings & Prints ...

Perfect Pairs

Modern Canvas Art and Prints Available Online in Australia

Do you pride yourself on your interior decorating skill? Do you find it immensely satisfying to tie a space together with a myriad of different design elements? Whether you prefer a contemporary, rustic, industrial or traditional theme for your home or business, there is one item of décor that can always find a way to...

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Website: https://www.united-interiors.com.au

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oil canvas painting reproductions. [SALE] edmonton, ab.

oil canvas painting reproductions. [SALE] edmonton, ab.

July 13, 2011


20�?24   $75-100,    24X36   $100-150

First come first serve, 200+ unique paintings, already stretched! They must all be gone by the end of September, we are moving!!

*** *** ***


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Website: http://katyanovablog.com

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Modern Wall decor Ideas - Interior design

decoration 1,831 Views


Don't leave your room wall blank, you have many choices to create a warm and relaxing room that will be the envy of all. To create a spectacular design inside the house, you can use music wall art and music wall decor . If you combine them with a minimalist design, your home will be a modern museum of classic music.

One of the best forms of wall decor is painting. There are various styles of paintings such as oil painting, acrylic painting and watercolor painting. Metal wall art is a great idea as metal can be molded into various...

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Date: 2017-03-06 11:30:33
Website: http://interiordesign4.com

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Amazing Oil Paintings By Vladimir Volegov - Fine Art Blogger


Amazing Oil Paintings By Vladimir Volegov

Vladimir Volegov is one among the best Russian artists of all the times. He was born in Russia and he started to paint at the age of three. It is interesting that most of the popular artists showed interest in art at the early stages of their life. Vladimir's biography also shows the same. He was born as a talented artist and portrayed amazing abilities from childhood. After completing art studies, he...

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Website: http://fineartblogger.com

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Shop Online - Art & Craft | Art Supplies | Craft Supplies ...

Shop online or visit one of our 27� Art & Craft stores for a wonderful range of art & craft supplies including: acrylic,...

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Website: https://www.eckersleys.com.au

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Artspace Warehouse | Affordable Contemporary Art Gallery ...

Artspace Warehouse is a Los Angeles Art Gallery exhibiting affordable contemporary fine art. The gallery specializes in modern, affordable art, oil paintings, abstract paintings, and contemporary sculpture in Los Angeles. Artspace Warehouse is among Los Angeles' leading art galleries, art consultants and art dealers specializing in cleared art, corporate art, and art to the public. The art for sale in this gallery is affordable for every budget. Artspace Warehouse, a modern art gallery with many artworks to chose from, sells...

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Date: 2015-06-01 16:45:23
Website: http://artspacewarehouse.com

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Oil & Acrylic Painting and Hobby Colours - Emrys Art Supplies

Oil & Acrylic Painting and Hobby Colours

Oil Painting

Professional (Artists' Quality) oil paints

Winsor & Newton Professional Oils 37ml tubes complete range, 200ml Titanium White

Rowney Artists' Oil 37ml tubes complete range

Michael Harding Handmade Artists' Oil 40ml complete range, 60ml selected range, 225ml whites and blacks, 250ml Cremnitz White.

Winsor & Newton Professional Oilbar 50ml...

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Website: http://www.emrysart.co.uk

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Wildlife Paintings, Wildlife Art, Wildlife Artist, Nature ...

Wildlife paintings, nature art and pet portraits are displayed on my website. Wildlife is my most favorite subject to paint; black bear, wolves, deer, elk, raccoons, fox, cougar, birds of prey, song birds, waterfowl and much more.

Besides wildlife art, I do realistic oil paintings of flowers, butterflies, moths,...

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Date: 2017-03-05 21:21:10
Website: http://www.judyaschrader.com

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Art Prints for Sale | Painting and Frame

Thomas Kinkade

About Us

paintingandframe.com offers both oil paintings by artists and art prints by machine. All are on cotton canvas. We believe we have some of the most talented artists inside our studios. They are highly educated and experienced artists. Please do bear in mind that our handmade paintings are meticulously recreated by hand, brushstroke for brushstroke, so that they capture the spirit and the integrity of the original work of art.

If you choose to order an...

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Website: http://paintingandframe.com

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Video Tutorials - 1art.com Art Academy

2nd Classical Oil Paintings Workshop "Portrait of Anna "

Second classical oil painting technique video workshop, Portrait of Anna, by Alexei Antonov featuring the following stages: White priming with subsequent ink drawing; Imprimatura, the selection of the medium tonality of the lightest spot in the painting; Umbra Underlayer whose main function is to prevent the tonality fading in...

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Website: http://1art.com

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Abstract Art & Oil Paintings on Canvas For Sale in Australia


Australia's Finest Abstract Oil Paintings on Canvas for Sale

When you're considering interior decorations at your home or place of business, you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get it looking fantastic. We are proud to be able to provide Australia with a large collection of abstract art for sale right, all of our canvas oil paintings a beautiful addition to any residence or...

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Website: https://artbuy.com.au

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Madison Art Shop - Art Supplies: Easels, Art Projectors ...

Easel Lamps , Daylight Full Spectrum Lighting , Picture Lights See all Artist Lighting

Art Supplies

We have the widest selection of art supplies for every artist from trusted manufacturers like BEST Easels, Winsor & Newton, Liquitex, Fredrix, Kopykake and many more. Our outstanding collection of includes an array of art media for various works of art including traditional forms like painting and...

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Website: http://www.madisonartshop.com

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Acrylic Paint - Paints & Mediums - Art Discount


Paints & Mediums

Whether student or professional artist we cover the widest range of types of paint available. From Oil Paint, Watercolour paints and acrylic paint to Gouache and Egg Tempura.


Artists brushes for Oils, Acrylics , Watercolour and Varnishing we present a huge range to suit any budget.



Display portfolios , artists luggage and carriers from the worlds leading brands including our own label "best value" brand.


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Website: http://www.artdiscount.co.uk

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Archival painting panels ; painting on wood ... - Art Boards

Art Boards[TM] Archival Artist Panels

Natural Maple Artist Panels:

Natural Maple's top surface is made of hand selected Maple hardwood veneer with a painting surface that has a consistent tight wood grain.  Great care is taken to ensure that this surface is free of knots, seams or voids.  The Panel's durability and strength come from the100% Aspen hardwood center core and cross bands.  The 5 layer construction prevents movement, waterproof glue keeps...

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Website: http://www.art-boards.com

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How to Use Acrylic Paint: Acrylic Painting for Beginners ...

How to Use Acrylic Paint: Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Learn Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Things Every Beginner Should Know About Painting with Acrylics

By Courtney Jordan, Online Editor

�Content adapted from articles by Linda S. Price and Colleen Howe as told to Collin Fry.

Painting is one of the most rewarding ways to artistically express yourself, and starting that odyssey by learning...

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Website: http://www.northlightshop.com

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Art Lesson Plans for Teachers | 美術教案教師

Elements of Art through Photography , a 5th grade photography lesson by Kodak.

Enchanted Learning - site packed with ideas, crafts, handouts and more for early childhood and elementary age children.�Geography, maps, science activities, animal printouts, oceans, whales and so much more.

Eric Carle's Picture Book Art - This includes tutorials for creating collages, murals, and with tissue...

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Date: 2017-03-04 02:23:56
Website: http://www.incredibleart.org

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French Paintings & Famous French Artists

Buy Now from Art.com

Famous French paintings are much loved right across the world and this website brings you a great collection of the most impressive French artists, famous painters and their most impressive oil paintings. There are also images of French paintings for you to enjoy below as well as detailed information on the major French artists to have come from the past five centuries. We...

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Date: 2017-02-05 11:04:13
Website: http://frenchpaintings.org

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Wall Art - Canvas Art - Modern Art, Abstract Wall Art ...

Sale Price: 149.00

You save $336.00!

Thanks for stopping by WhiteWalls art gallery. We're confident that once you've purchased a piece of art from us, that you will never buy anywhere else again. We offer very fast, FREE SHIPPING on all artwork including canvas wall art sets, metal art, abstract, modern, & contemporary art styles. All oil paintings and canvas art are gallery wrapped and ready to hang on your wall.

Our 110% price match guarantee lets our valued customers know that we're always offering the lowest price possible on canvas wall...

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Website: mywhitewalls.com

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John Nicholson Fine Art - Fine Art Provincial Dealers in ...

John Nicholson Fine Art

Established in 2001, we are one of the largest provincial fine art dealers of quality 19th to 21st Century paintings in the North East of England.

Tynemouth Priory and Lighthouse

Long Established Fine Art Dealers

Based in the North East we specialise in the works of Northumbrian, Yorkshire, Cumbrian and Scottish artists.


View painting

British & European Oil...

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Website: http://www.johnnicholsonfineart.co.uk

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John Lines - Signed Limited Edition Prints and Art Prints ...

Limited Edition Prints by John Lines

Economic Matters

Limited Edition Prints and Art Prints at Red Rag

Artist: John Lines

John Lines was born in 1938 in Rugby Warwickshire. He studied art in Warwickshire at Rugby Polytechnic from 1959 and then at York School of Art from 1961 to 1962.

Lines has been exhibiting his contemporary paintings since leaving art school. But initially his time was shared...

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Website: redraggallery.co.uk

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Adrian Rigby - Marine Art Maritime Paintings Aviation Art

Official website of artist Adrian Rigby, who is universally recognized as a world's top award winning artist. Adrian's art includes mammals, bird art, landscape art, aviation art and of course maritime art. This artist like many others painters of wildlife art, travels the world in search of subjects for his original wildlife paintings and bird art, using as reference animals and birds seen at...

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Date: 2016-03-05 01:31:39
Website: http://www.originalwildlifeart.com

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All About Art: What are the standard canvas sizes?

This Art blog is about helpful artwork tips and techniques and covers topics such as: what are the standard canvas sizes, art prints, printmaking, acrylic paint, art history, art styles - impressionism, abstract, modern... You will find examples of many original Oil and Acrylic paintings, Photography, Pastel Drawing and more. Some posts will cover specific artist and their artwork e.g. Paul N...

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Date: 2017-02-27 00:10:49
Website: http://blog.artprintsetc.com

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Art Oyster: Abstract Paintings, Abstract Art, Landscape ...


Shop by Artist

Explore our virtually endless galleries of the world's finest master artists. We have thousands of artists from which you may make a selection. In...

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Website: http://www.artoyster.com

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Oil Painting And Canvas Beginners Kit 7 Pack | Hobbycraft

Available for home delivery (free UK delivery over £30)

Click and Collect (order by 4pm Mon-Fri, collect after 2 working days)

FREE returns

0330 026 1400 - Telephone ordering now available

Product description

A Hobbycraft Online Exclusive!*

Oil Painting and Canvas Beginners Kit 7 Pack RRP £32.00, save £5.00!

The tough-but-rewarding world of oil painting is just waiting for you to unravel it! The Oil Painting and Canvas Beginners Kit will set you on-track and sharpen your skills with everything you need to get...

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Website: http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk

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Art Lessons - teach yourself how to draw and paint

For more than a decade, ArtGraphicA has been providing quality art lessons to educate and inspire artists from all backgrounds and ages. With over one hundred free lessons online, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a sound education in art, please take a look at the art books provided. For inspiration and an insight into techniques you will discover everything from the humble...

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Date: 2015-06-18 13:51:28
Website: http://www.artgraphica.net

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European Art - Yale University Art Gallery

Jan Lievens, Young Girl in Profile, ca. 1631-32. Oil on panel. Lent by the Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo Collection

Featured Media

Recent collection research has recovered from storage a rare and richly decorated automaton clock, made around 1610 in Augsburg, Germany. Probably drawing inspiration from contemporary prints, the clock portrays the Roman goddess of the hunt, Diana, on a chariot...

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Date: 2017-03-10 12:22:13
Website: http://artgallery.yale.edu

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Free Oil Painting Downloads

Video MSU Cartoonizer VirtualDub plugin �v.2.0

The filter is designed for artistic painting and animated cartoon rendering . MSU Cartoonizer filter has many parameters, which allow to obtain very interesting results.

PostworkShop Basic Edition �v.1.1 PostworkShop is a fun-to-use software to transform your photos into an oil painting or watercolor, pastel drawing or pencil sketch, abstract...

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Website: http://oil-painting.winsite.com

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Centurion Deluxe Oil Primed Linen Panels - Jerry's Artarama

Our Centurion Professional canvas is used throughout the world by serious artists ranging from dedicated students to the most world famous artists. It is the teachers and famous artists that asked us to try to come up with an oil primed linen canvas that if affordable. Not only did we wow them with quality but we also wowed them with the final price. You can buy Centuron Oil Primed canvas...

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Website: jerrysartarama.com

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Art of Vietnam: Famous Artists and Paintings

Channeling Experience with a Medium, 1931

Silk Painting

Nguyen Phan Chanh started promoting silk painting in Vietnam.  He realized that the silk painting of ancient China had a unique and transparent appearance.  These qualities of silk painting and the Vietnamese expertise in creating them could help Vietnamese artists differentiate their national art of Vietnam from the popular European oil paintings.   By using the everyday life scene and charming transparency colors, Nguyen Phan Chanh successfully proved...

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Date: 2012-10-18 15:11:56
Website: http://www.asia-art.net

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National Veterans Creative Arts Festival

Nationwide, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities use the creative arts as one form of rehabilitative treatment to help Veterans recover from and cope with physical and emotional disabilities. Across the country each year, Veterans enrolled at VA health care facilities compete in a local creative arts competition. The competition includes 51 categories in the visual arts division...

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Website: http://www.creativeartsfestival.va.gov

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Feng Shui painting feng shui art

Certificate of Authenticity

Our goal is to make the ancient science user friendly for Feng Shui home decor.  All our Feng Shui paintings incorporate Chinese Feng Shui symbols and Feng Shui colors to insure a balance in the Ying Yang energies of Chi: bring harmony, balance, and success into your life. Our Feng Shui art is all original and hand painted.

Feng Shui categorizes the universe...

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Date: 2015-04-20 13:04:36
Website: http://fengshui-paintings.com

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Aviation Art - Aviation Art Gallery


Welcome to our featured artist page. Here you will find information and links to our aviation art and aircraft paintings. You can view our artists galleries and comprehensive range of limited edition aircraft prints by using the links below, or clicking on the artists pictures. If you have any questions, or require further details regarding...

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Date: 2013-12-09 15:53:05
Website: http://aviationartgallery.co.uk

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Online Art Gallery - Buy Original Art Paintings For Sale



Gallery Today has been selling original paintings since July 2003, and we believe our customer service record speaks for itself. Our mission is simple: to connect art lovers and collectors with original paintings for sale signed by talented artists from around the world.

Each oil painting your buy from GalleryToday is a one-of-a-kind creation. We do NOT sell any fakes or...

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Website: https://www.gallerytoday.com

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