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Learn more about Australian art, from ancient Aboriginal artwork to contemporary Australian photography.

Learn more about Australian art, from ancient Aboriginal artwork to Australian sculpture and contemporary Australian photography.

Get an overview of our artistic history, famous Australian artists and major art prizes.

Delve into our cities and their cultural attractions, including big...

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Mike Parr - Wikipedia

Early life[ edit ]

Parr spent his childhood in rural Queensland . He was born with a misshapen arm, and this physical characteristic has featured within his art work. Parr commenced an arts/law degree at the University of Queensland in 1965 but discontinued his studies the following year.

He is the brother of installation /photography artist, Julie Rrap (formerly Julie Brown-Rrap).

Parr moved to...

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Paintings original landscape seascape abstract art for sale

Examples of my early paintings are surprisingly original, colourful and inventive. These artworks are from the beginning of my artistic career.  Painting and sculpting part-time, after working all day as an architect in an office, the achievement is quite admirable.


This online fine art gallery shows a broad range of my contemporary paintings, bas-reliefs, sculptures and works on...

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Peter Voulkos biography presented by - Frank Lloyd Gallery


Born in 1924 to Greek immigrant parents in the town of Bozeman, Montana, Peter Voulkos is one of America's most significant sculptors of the 20th century. Voulkos got his start in art in the late 1940s, when he was studying at Montana State College, Bozeman on the G.I. Bill, after being drafted and serving as an airplane armorer-gunner in the Pacific in World War II. In classes with...

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Sutton Gallery » Artist Profile » Peter Robinson



With a practice spanning over two decades, New Zealand artist Peter Robinson has continually varied his use of materials, techniques and the content he addresses throughout his career. Historically known for his critical exploration of issues of identity and ethnicity, Robinson's early works are intensely political and examine his Maori ancestry and biculturalism. More...

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Asian Contemporary Art: An Introduction in Oxford Art Online

The sudden rise and international popularity of Asian contemporary art raises many questions for art historians, students and art critics. How, for instance, does one define Asian contemporary art? How does it differ from artwork produced in art centres such as New York and London, especially when several major Asian contemporary artists live and work in these cities? Are there differences in the...

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Francis Bacon :: Art Gallery NSW

Francis Bacon is a towering figure of 20th-century art. His paintings are gutsy, controversial and unforgettable. With painful beauty Bacon lays bare the struggles of the human condition.

Surveying Francis Bacon's life and work, this is the first major exhibition in Australia of rare works by the master of post-war British art. With over 50 paintings - including some of his well known triptychs - the exhibition covers five decades of his career, from the pensive and shocking works of the 1940s to the exuberantly coloured...

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African Success : Biography of Esther MAHLANGU

South Africa > Arts : Esther MAHLANGU

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Born on 11/11/1935 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Esther Mahlangu (Born in 1935) is a South African artist.

Born november 11th 1935 in Middleburg (South Africa).Esther Mahlangu lives in the village of Weltervrede in the Mpumalanga Province. She is a remarkable woman who against all odds, traveled and exhibited overseas in...

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