Limited Edition Prints – John M. Barber Art

Barber prints may be found at art dealers nationwide or shipped directly to you.

A framed print

The artist has published 136 print editions over the years and in 2005 sold this business to the Annapolis Marine Art Gallery, Annapolis,...

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Pure and Applied, The Bespoke, Conservation and Museum ...


 With over thirty five years qualified experience in all aspects of the fine art and exhibition

 world and as firmly established Fine Art Trade Guild Commended Conservation Framers the staff at pure & applied


know how best to present and care for your artwork or object.

 Customers have confidence in our expertise and our careful, bespoke,...

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Date: 2017-03-09 16:50:20

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Kirby Sattler Native American Indian Art Prints are available as paper and canvas giclée fine art reproductions .

With the technological revolution of the digital printing industry and the advent of high quality, archival inks, "giclée" technology faithfully reproduces the details, tonality, and subtle...

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Massachusetts Chinese-Asian Art Dealers-Appraisers ...

Welcome to plcombs Chinese-Asian Art Dealers-Appraisers

plcombs Chinese-Asian Art Dealers-Appraisers of Asian art and Chinese antiques since 1979

185 Main St, Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930

PH: 978 283 3524, Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5: 30 PM

Or eMaiI us at:

First a bit about us.

Chinese-Asian Art Dealers-Appraisers

Fine Famille Verte Kangxi period figure

During the...

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Tirage Fine Art Gallery :: About


About Tirage Fine Art Gallery

Located in the art and antique district of Pasadena, California, Tirage Fine Art Gallery offers more than 3500 original representational oil paintings, pastels, drawings and sculpture by sixty recognized artists in styles ranging from traditional and plein air landscapes to impressionism, urban expressionism, figurative, and photo realism....

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Aviation Art - Aviation Art Prints

Latest Aviation Art Releases : 

92 Squadron Intercept by Jason Askew. (P)

Meteoric Victory by Tom Marchant. (PC)

City of Lincoln by Keith Woodcock. (PC)

Shackletons by Keith Woodcock. (PC)

Lancasters by Keith Woodcock. (PC)

Early Morning Sortie by Keith Aspinall. (PC)

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia N3093 of 616 Sqn RAF by Keith Woodcock. (PC)

On the Prowl by Timothy OBrien. (PC)


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Willowbrook Art Gallery - Langley Art Shop Gallery Store ...

See Location Map

Tel: (604) 533 - 2281

We have extensive selection of limited edition prints from artists like Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders, Kinkade, Pino, Carol Evans, Judi Wild, Brian Croft & Fred Buchwitz. Please visit our location for Custom Framing, memorabilia, plaque mount, canvas transfers. Frame your Vancouver 2010 Olympic memorabilia including hockey jerseys!...

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The Private Art Dealers Association


The PRIVATE ART DEALERS ASSOCIATION ( is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with its first-ever public sale and exhibition, "PRIVATE GOES PUBLIC," Nov 1 - Nov 16.  The event provides a rare opportunity for both seasoned and new art collectors to have access to fine art entering the market from some of the most respected private art...

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Greenwich Workshop - Fine art canvas and print limited ...

Choose from hundreds of fine art selections

from landscape to contemporary to animals to western

North America's Leading Fine Art Publisher

The Greenwich Workshop, Inc., North America's leading fine art publisher, specializes in the burgeoning medium of visual entertainment. Founded in 1972, the company's principal products are Fine Art Edition prints and gicleé canvases. Our products are...

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Galleries / Art Dealers |

The classical galleries and art dealers use VirtualGallery to create the virtual version of the exhibitions organized or to boost the funds accumulating unsold exhibitions of artworks that could not be shown otherwise.

© 2017 Virtual Gallery S.L.

Follow us in:

You will become an exhibitor and will be able to open your own galleries.

If later you wish to change to another profile you will need to...

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Gallery Direct Art - Artist Directory

Your Framed Art and Print Gallery Superstore

5900 Jonestown Rd., PO Box 6070, Paxtonia, PA, 17112

phone 1-800-733-1144 /...

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Art Dealers and Galleries - Industry Data, Trends, and ...

Art Dealers and Galleries � Search for "453920"

Five-year financial statement analysis includes income statements, balance sheets, and key financial ratios, with data available by sales size range on a national, state, and metro area level.

Income and expense detail in dollars and percentages

Balance sheets in...

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Artist Job Description, Career as an Artist, Salary ...

income artists fine dealers galleries

Search All U.S. Universities

Education and Training: Varies--see profile

Salary: Varies--see profile

Employment Outlook: Fair

Definition and Nature of the Work

Art occupations are usually divided into two categories: fine art and applied art. Although the nature and aesthetic value of what any artist produces may be the subject of debate, an artist is someone...

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Vincent Van Gogh Oil Painting Reproduction Art. Prints ...

Vangogh Paintings

Vincent Van Gogh (30 March 1853 - 29 July 1890)�

Sunflower, starry nights, a severed ear and suicide: a compelling mixture to anyone looking for an example of tragic genius.� And if Vincent Van Gogh's passions and difficulties are not clear enough from his canvases, we may also read the letters he wrote to his art dealer brother, Theo.

Van Gogh's first job was as an art dealer's assistant in The Hague.� He taught himself to draw earlier but didn't paint until his late twenties, after failing every attempt to become a...

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Marlborough Rare Books

The City Antiquarian Bookshop

Established in 1947, Marlborough Rare Books Ltd is a leading dealer in antiquarian books on Art, Architecture,...

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[UPDATED] 15 Ways to Sell Your Art Online - Online ...

You are here: Home / Rants / [UPDATED] 15 Ways to Sell Your Art Online

[UPDATED] 15 Ways to Sell Your Art Online

We first wrote this post back in 2009 and since then, it's become one of our most popular resources on the blog. A lot can change in six years so we've given the list a facelift. From website tools to get you online, to global art marketplaces, and insightful articles, the list below...

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Fine Art - The UK's Premier Antiques Portal - Online Galleries

Apply to Join

Online Galleries is a leading antiques community, based in the UK and representing over 21 countries worldwide. Our membership includes fine art dealers offering a superior selection of antique paintings, vintage posters, antique pictures frames, prints, portrait miniatures and many other examples of quality antique fine art for sale. Just browse our fine art offerings via a broad category...

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Nader Haitian Art Gallery | Fine Haitian Art for Sale and ... is a world reputable, reliable, and resourceful online family-trade art gallery specializing in selling and appraising Haitian art. We are the leader in Haitian art worldwide, and we offer the most extensive and exquisite Haitian art collection for sale. The gallery is owned and directed by Myriam Nader-Salomon- art dealer, fine art appraiser, and art aficionado- who has been...

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About Artexpo | Artexpo New York 2017

About Artexpo

39+ Years of Extraordinary Art

For thirty-nine years and counting, Artexpo has been changing the way people buy and sell art. Our annual, juried expo brings the biggest publishers, galleries and collectors face to face with hundreds of established and emerging artists. In short, we're the world's largest fine art marketplace.

Hundreds of Artists, Thousands of New Works

This year, we'll host over 400+ innovative exhibiting artists, galleries and publishers from across the globe,...

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