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From our offices in Toronto and Winnipeg , Mayberry Fine Art has been providing our clients with a professional and confidential alternative to the major art auction houses for over 30 years.

Mayberry Fine Art offers a wide range of art expertise and services, including restoration, archival framing, art storage, shipping, art valuation and collecting - Mayberry Fine Art's knowledgeable staff are ready to serve you with the best advice.

Art Valuations and Appraisals.

With more than thirty years in the art business, Mayberry Fine Art staff has wide knowledge of the fine art market. The collective experience at Mayberry Fine...

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Artist Job Description, Career as an Artist, Salary ...

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Education and Training: Varies--see profile

Salary: Varies--see profile

Employment Outlook: Fair

Definition and Nature of the Work

Art occupations are usually divided into two categories: fine art and applied art. Although the nature and aesthetic value of what any artist produces may be the subject of debate, an artist is someone...

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Date: 2016-09-30 20:10:53

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Introduction to Art Nouveau, History and Definition by ...

Introduction to

Art Nouveau

The arabesque, the floral or animal pattern and the feminine silhouette are the typical motifs of this international decorative style that emerged in Brussels around 1900.

This important artistically avant-gardist movement appeared, at the turn of the 20th century (1890-1914), in all of Europe?s big cities as a reaction against the academic schools. Followers of the...

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