Fair Information | CAA Annual Conference

500, 502, 504, 506, 508 Americas Hall I

Special Events in the Book and Trade Fair

Thursday, February 16:

Ongoing during Thursday and Friday

The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA

Booth 617, 619, 621, Americas Hall I, 3rd Floor

Sketch-a-thon Prize

Grab one of our fancy sketchbooks and submit your best drawing or doodle for a chance to win! One winner each day will receive a Nerd Bundle (4 arts journals)...

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Website: http://conference.collegeart.org

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Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s | Whitney Museum of ...


Julia Wachtel (b. 1956), Membership, 1984. Oil on canvas, 66 × 81 in. (167.6 × 205.7 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; purchase, with funds from the Painting and Sculpture Committee  2016.114 © Julia Wachtel; courtesy the artist and Elizabeth Dee New York. Digital Image © Whitney Museum, N.Y.

Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s presents a focused look at painting from this decade with works drawn entirely from the Museum's collection. 

In the 1980s, painting recaptured the imagination of the contemporary art world against a backdrop of expansive change. An unprecedented number of galleries appeared on the scene,...

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Website: http://whitney.org

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ROMANIA - Arts and Architecture - Travel and Tourism ...

Arts of Romania

Crafts of Romania

"What is that impulse, that irresistible force which will not let the peasant rest content with the merely useful, but drives him to seek the best proportioned and most harmonious forms that appeal to the eye by color and line, are pleasant to the touch and produce that rare sense of contentment, poise of mind and joy which characterize aesthetic...

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Date: 2017-02-01 18:02:00
Website: http://romaniatourism.com

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Abstract art | Define Abstract art at Dictionary.com


abstract art definition

A trend in painting and sculpture in the twentieth century. Abstract art seeks to break away from traditional representation of physical objects. It explores the relationships of forms and...

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Website: http://www.dictionary.com

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Past Exhibitions | Abbot Hall Art Gallery

"Through Women's Eyes..." Three Women Artists in the 20th Century, Dora Altounyan, Sheila Fell,

Margaret Harrison

David Swift: Heavenly Bodies & Fabulous Beasts

Helen Bradley Retrospective

"The Nicholsons: A Story of Four People and their Designs"

Cumbria Craft Guild First Annual Exhibition

The Late Dr Howard's Collection of Contemporary British Paintings

Marry Potter Retrospective


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Date: 2017-03-11 09:02:09
Website: http://www.abbothall.org.uk

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Shop Contemporary Artwork on Houzz

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4,339 Contemporary Artwork

Finding the right contemporary art for your living room or bedroom is as challenging as it is rewarding - but part of its charm lies in the hunt. Art can add colour,...

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Website: http://www.houzz.com.au

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Michael Heizer - November 5 - December 21, 2016 - Gagosian

Download Press Release PDF (93 Kb)

Opening reception: Saturday, November 5th, from 6:00 to 8:00pm

I like runic, Celtic, Druidic, cave painting, ancient, preliterate, from a time back when you were speaking to the lightning god, the ice god, and the cold-rainwater god.

--Michael Heizer

Gagosian is pleased to present new paintings and negative wall sculptures by Michael Heizer. Heizer made the...

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Website: http://www.gagosian.com

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Art in Paris - Wikipedia

Musée du Montparnasse opened in the former studio of painter, Marie Vassilieff .

Works by Pablo Picasso and Auguste Rodin are found in the Musée Picasso [16] and the Musée Rodin [17] respectively. The Picasso museum, which was renovated in 2013, is housed in the Hôtel Salé, a mid nineteenth century edifice. It has a rich collection of 3500 drawings, engravings, paintings, ceramic works and...

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Date: 2017-03-01 11:52:31
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

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Sculpture and Mobiles by Bruce Gray - kinetic art, metal ...

Metal Sculpture, Wood Sculpture, Kinetic Art, Art Furniture, Mobiles, Corporate Art, Public Art, Abstract Paintings, Graphic Design and Prop Rental by sculptor Bruce Gray

Bruce Gray's contemporary and abstract modern metal and wood sculptures have been displayed as part of group or solo art exhibitions at many Art Galleries and Art Museums from Santa Monica to...

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Date: 2017-02-02 20:23:26
Website: http://www.brucegray.com

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NY Gallery Tours – Scheduled Tours

Sat. March 18 @ 1:00 PM

24 W. 57th St. (near 6th. Ave.) - $25

This RARELY LED three-block tour, in the city's wealthy business district, will be the least walking of any tour we lead, while covering just as many contemporary art exhibits.  Highlights: (1) paintings applied directly to the walls and floors, by an artist who once had a massive solo show at the Whitney Museum, (2) a female European artist's 4-screen video installation that mixes live film and...

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Website: http://nygallerytours.com

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Art History Undergraduate Courses - Boston University

6:00 pm - 8:45 pm

MET AH 372 Modern Art

Analysis of the work and thought of major masters of twentieth-century painting, sculpture, architecture, and photography, including the School of Paris and the New York School.   [ 4 cr. ]

MET AH 380 Special Topics in Art History

Program faculty selects seminar topics of current interest, usually with a singular focus, in the field.  [ 4 cr. ]


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Website: http://www.bu.edu

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Buy Canvas Art Online | Modern Canvas Paintings & Prints ...

Perfect Pairs

Modern Canvas Art and Prints Available Online in Australia

Do you pride yourself on your interior decorating skill? Do you find it immensely satisfying to tie a space together with a myriad of different design elements? Whether you prefer a contemporary, rustic, industrial or traditional theme for your home or business, there is one item of décor that can always find a way to...

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Website: https://www.united-interiors.com.au

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wildlife-art-paintings.co.uk - Wildlife paintings and prints

My main website www.martinridley.com has been upgraded.

Martin Ridley prints are now supplied by www.aquila-art.com

About This Website

What's New

This site contains drawings and paintings of birds and mammals by contemporary wildlife artist Martin Ridley. The artwork could be described as figurative. Many works are in the...

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Date: 2017-02-26 12:59:34
Website: http://www.wildlife-art-paintings.co.uk

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Modern Tree Art and Contemporary Tree Art at FulcrumGallery


For some artists, each individual type of tree is symbolic in its own right, such as oak trees being used to express courage and power while the ash tree is used for interpretations of sensitivity, spirituality, and a higher state of being.

Contemporary framed tree art varies considerably and the way that it's depicted changes its purpose. Flat artwork containing this subject matter is typically used symbolically in order to express some mythical aspect of trees. One example of this form of symbolism is in Gustav Klimt's work 'The Tree of Life'....

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Website: http://www.fulcrumgallery.com

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Fine Art and Antiques Specialists | Lyon & Turnbull

Operating since 1826, Lyon & Turnbull are one of the longest established fine art and antiques auction houses in the United Kingdom. In the 21st century, we combine dedicated personal advice and attention with innovative, thoughtful marketing and a deep understanding of the world of art and antiques to offer an unparalleled auctioneer service.

We hold approximately 30 auctions per annum,...

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Date: 2017-03-11 07:59:33
Website: http://www.lyonandturnbull.com

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Landscape Art Prints at King & McGaw


Landscape Art Prints

Scenes from nature have long been a popular way to expand and refresh any living space. Here you will find landscapes with their roots in both...

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Website: https://www.kingandmcgaw.com

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About Rosenbaum Contemporary's South Florida Fine Art ...



Founded by Marvin and Howard Rosenbaum in 1979, who have since been joined by Lara Rosenbaum, Rosenbaum Contemporary is a premier fine art gallery in South Florida featuring Postwar, Modern and Contemporary masters presented through a nationally recognized museum-level exhibition program.

The gallery's revolving inventory of paintings,...

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Website: https://www.rosenbaumcontemporary.com

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam - Wikipedia

The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, opened on 14 September 1895 as an initiative of the local authority and private individuals. The Dutch Neo-Renaissance style museum building was designed by Dutch architect Adriaan Willem Weissman as part of a modernization project spearheaded by local citizens starting in 1850. The construction of the building was largely funded in 1890 by Sophia Adriana de Bruyn...

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Date: 2017-03-07 08:10:26
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

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A Guide To London's Lesser Known Art Galleries ...

You are at: Home » Things to do »A Guide To London's Lesser Known Art Galleries

© Clive Totman, courtesy of City of London Corporation

A Guide To London's Lesser Known Art Galleries

Things to do

London is rightly famous for having some of the best art galleries in the world.

So we've put together a list of some of the best London art galleries that are either less well known than the likes of...

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Website: http://www.lastminute.com

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PETER WALKER FINE ART - Peter Walker Fine Art

Peter Walker Fine Art specialises in the sale of early Australian paintings and items of historical interest as well as contemporary art. Clients include major...

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Website: http://www.peterwalker.com.au

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Department of Fine Arts - Indiana University Northwest

The IU Northwest Department of Fine Arts offers a first-class baccalaureate degree program that serves the northwest region of Indiana as well as the Chicagoland area. The department is comprised of a community of remarkable professional artists and educators who are nationally and internationally active in their disciplines, and who are fully committed to the educational advancement of their...

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Website: http://www.iun.edu

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Manchester Art Gallery - Wikipedia

Manchester Art Gallery. [3] The institution was handed over on condition that £2000 per annum would be spent on art for the next 20 years. [3] The Art Gallery Committee bought enthusiastically and by the end of the 19th century had accrued an impressive collection of fine art, added to by gifts and bequests from wealthy Mancunian industrialists.

Governance[ edit ]

The gallery is operated by...

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Date: 2017-03-09 18:22:56
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

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Museum Videos, Audio, Radio | Allentown Art Museum

PAST PRESENT sparks conversations in Spring 2015

The exhibition PAST PRESENT: CONVERSATIONS ACROSS TIME, curated by Scott Sherk and Pat Badt of the Third Barn, opened on February 22, 2015, and continued at the Museum through May 17, 2015. All nine of the participating contemporary artists attended the members-only preview party on February 21 and a panel discussion on February 22. (Video by Post...

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Date: 2017-03-11 09:07:50
Website: http://www.allentownartmuseum.org

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Modern Abstract Paintings and Fine Art Prints by ... - Etsy

My giclee prints are shipped directly to you from my print manufacturers, please allow 3-6 business days for production.

My paintings are modern, contemporary, joyful, full of life, bold color and movement. Some have representational elements and some are fully abstract. Some are lighthearted and some profound. I have many painting techniques that I have developed though the years. My fluid...

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Website: https://www.etsy.com

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EBA offers world's largest collection of body art and airbrush body painting stencils helping artist to supersede always increasing challenges and expectations in the body painting industry. In today's world of entertainment artists are often put under time constraint. It is not unusual to see body painting or special effects application...

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Website: https://www.europeanbodyart.com

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Upcoming Exhibitions - Huntsville Museum of Art

Thank You to Our Media Sponsor:

Additional Support Provided by:

The Alabama State Council on the Arts and The Huntsville Museum of Art Guild

Encounters: Beth Edwards

April 9 - July 16, 2017

Grisham Gallery

The latest exhibition in this long-standing showcase for outstanding regional contemporary art focuses on the surrealistic paintings of this celebrated Memphis artist. In her creative practice,...

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Website: http://hsvmuseum.org

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Original Artist Paintings - Famous Oil Paintings


At this page we show some of our original oil paintings. In addition to the basic gallery of oil paintings reproductions, here you can see our original...

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Website: http://www.allartclassic.com

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Palm Avenue Fine Art

Southwest Florida's Premier Fine Art Gallery


Palm Avenue Fine Art is located on the corner of Main Street and Historic Palm Avenue in Downtown Sarasota.

The gallery is proud...

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Website: http://palmavenuefineart.com

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Cerritos College Art Gallery

Cerritos College Art Gallery is pleased to present SECOND SIGHT, a solo exhibition of recent work by the conceptual painter and new media artist Christina McPhee. This groundbreaking presentation assembles a significant number of McPhee's new large-scale abstract paintings, several of her smaller gestural drawings, selections from her ongoing photographic Double Blind Studies series, and a new...

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Website: http://www.cerritosgallery.com

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Bob Clyatt sculpture

Hanged Man (Woman) Carrara marble and hydrocal, 28"x18"x4" wall relief art, 2017

(C)scape #41, hydrocal, Carrara Marble, raku-fired stoneware, aluminum. Wall-mounted relief. 19"H x 12"W x 5"D, 2017.

(C)scape 38 hydrocal, aluminum, wall-mounted, 25"H x 17"W x 6"D, 2016

(C)scape #34, Hydrocal, carrara marble, glazed stoneware, acrylic, 30.5" x 18.5" x 5"D, 2016.

(C)scape #28, What Happened to all...

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Website: http://www.clyattsculpture.com

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Oil Paintings Wholesale, China Art Wholesale, Cheap ...

About US

Welcome to ARTINBULK, INC., a professional oil painting wholesaler located in Xiamen which is one of the three largest oil painting bases in China. ARTINBULK specialize in art reproduction of masterpieces, portrait from photo, decor arts, pop arts and so on. We are dedicated to bring customers exquisite and highly-attractable artworks.

ARTINBULK offers you various styles...

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Date: 2015-11-03 15:03:30
Website: http://artinbulk.com

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Folk art - Wikipedia

Characteristics[ edit ]

Characteristically folk art is not influenced by movements in academic or fine art circles, and, in many cases, folk art excludes works executed by professional artists and sold as "high art" or "fine art" to the society's art patrons. [1] On the other hand, many 18th- and 19th-century American folk art painters made their living by their work, including itinerant portrait...

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Date: 2017-02-18 04:52:09
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

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Taos art colony - Wikipedia

Bert Geer Phillips and Ernest L. Blumenschein came to Taos, New Mexico as part of a tour of the western United States, but upon seeing Taos decided to stay. [11]

An article with drawings by Blumenschein about a ceremony at Taos Pueblo appeared in the July 10, 1898, issue of Harper's Weekly . [12]

Within a few years other American and European-born artists joined them in Taos: Joseph Henry Sharp ,...

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Date: 2017-02-24 17:41:38
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

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The Art of Painting - Wikipedia

Description[ edit ]

His signature

The painting depicts an artist painting a woman dressed in blue posing as a model in his studio. The subject is standing by a window and a large map of the Low Countries hangs on the wall behind. It is signed to the right of the girl "I [Oannes] Ver. Meer", but not dated. Most experts assume it was executed sometime between 1665/1668, but some suggest the work...

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Date: 2017-03-08 12:54:15
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

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The Cotswolds Antiques, Decorative & Art Fair - Cooper Events

'The Cotswolds Antiques, Decorative & Art Fair offers a wide variety of pieces for collectors, home furnishers, interior designers and anyone looking for unusual decorative accessories. With more than forty-five exhibitors, it offers exhibits...

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Website: http://www.cooperevents.com

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Affordable Art Fair Battersea

Online £10 / Door £13

*Valid for multiple entries and on any day, excluding the Private View and Late View.

Free entry for children under 16 accompanied by an adult. Concessionary tickets are available for over 60s, full time students, and those in receipt of jobseekers allowance or...

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Website: https://affordableartfair.com

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Modern Art | Contemporary Art - Go Modern Furniture



Our selection of modern art is presented in partnership with the well known Mark Jacobs Gallery, & features some of their most successful artists. At present we are showcasing a selection of quality modern art and sculpture from 8 different artists in our showroom which has large open walls to make a bright airy gallery space. We have chosen works that aim to compliment the furniture we sell for hanging / showing...

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Date: 2017-03-11 08:32:48
Website: http://www.gomodern.co.uk

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MADART Website Original Paintings - Original Contemporary ...

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Megan's art is created with the thought of uplifting and empowering everyone who sees it, to create a sense of positivity and joy through the world of art.  In many of her paintings you will find symbols of love, peace and power, to motivate each of us to be the best we can be, and to better the world through ourselves. 

Happy National Women's History Month ~ March

Looking for oversized art that creates impact?  Check out all the HUGE MADART Paintings...

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Website: http://www.madartdesigns.com

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List of Free Online Art Courses, Lessons and Tutorials

List of Free Online Art Courses,...

List of Free Online Art Courses, Lessons and Tutorials

See our list of the top online art courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that is right for you.

Show me popular schools

Online Art Courses for Credit

The Internet abounds with free art courses, lessons and tutorials, though few of them can lead to...

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Website: study.com

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Jackson State University | Department of Art

The Department of Art provides students with knowledge and understanding of art, professional training in art, opportunities to view traditional and contemporary modes of visual expression, and the chance to participate in competitive and professional activities.

Jackson State University's location in the major metropolitan center of Mississippi provides unique opportunities for visual arts students.

Graphic Design students have access to advertising agencies, printers, and electronic and print media. During their senior year, graphic design students serve a semester-long internship that emphasizes learning through...

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Website: http://www.jsums.edu

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Spencer Art Gallery Home

Spencer Art Galleries I & II are located at 55 & 57 Broad Street in the French Quarter of the historic district of Charleston. We feature contemporary fine art - paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures- by carefully selected master, mid-career and emerging artists. Our International, National,...

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Date: 2011-11-08 20:14:58
Website: http://spencerartgallery.com

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Santa Fe Art Auction

2017 Auction Date Announced: November 11th

Please view "2016 Auction" page for full auction results.

Boasting the third-largest art market in the United States, Santa Fe has long been a destination for new and seasoned collectors. Located in the heart of the city's historic downtown, and organized in conjunction with the Gerald Peters Gallery , the Santa Fe Art Auction is one of the Southwest's largest annual auctions of classic and contemporary...

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Website: http://santafeartauction.com

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Wooden Wall Art & Sculptures | Carved Wood Wall Decor

Lend a beautiful aesthetic appeal in any room in the home when you choose a piece from our wooden wall art collection. From wooden wall sculptures for the wall to multiple panel carved wall decor, you will find something for the more contemporary taste as well as for traditional decorating styles. Choose from wooden wall decoration that is large enough...

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Website: http://www.walldecorandhomeaccents.com

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Ross Loveday – Fine Art Printmaking and Painting

'I Dreamt a Horse Fell from the Sky' by Adil Jussawalla, Book Cover

'Westerly' by The Printmakers, CD Cover

selected past exhibitions

Discovering Samuel Palmer, Eames Fine Art Gallery

London Art Fair, with Eames Fine Art


Winter Exhibition of Original Prints, Sudbourne Park Printmakers

East Anglia Mini Print Exhibition, Edmund Gallery

So you think you know me?, Solo Show, Eames Fine Art...

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Date: 2017-03-06 16:39:21
Website: http://rossloveday.com

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Swiss Art Space

Contemporary art gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since opening its doors in 2006, it has been home to innovative, solo and pioneering large group exhibitions across a variety of media and genres. The gallery covers a broad spectrum of contemporary artistic practice, from minimalist works, paintings, drawings and sculpture to large-scale installations, digital art and video work. SAS gallery functions as a Kunsthalle or project space, stimulating observation and discourse.

Modern and aggressive yearly exhibition program established Swiss Art Space as one of the leading galleries in French part of Switzerland. In the Gallery...

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Website: http://www.swissartspace.com

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Fine art tips with Judy Waters on Colour In Your ... - YouTube

Fine Art TV Series - Colour In Your Life

Season - 10

Episode - 09

Filmed on Location at - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Judy started her career as a hairdresser and was always inspired by colour and shape. It seemed only natural for Judy to follow that path into her artistic endeavour. Judy's first passion was watercolour, which was greatly influenced as she grew up on the Mornington Peninsula,...

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Website: youtube.com

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Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago - A View On Cities

The permanent collection inside the Art Institute of Chicago is so extensive that it'll take you several hours to explore the whole thing.

The museum's collection of Impressionist Art is certainly one of the finest in the country and lovers of Claude Monet will be especially thrilled. Also highly acclaimed is the Art Institute's exhibit of contemporary American and European works in the Modern...

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Website: http://www.aviewoncities.com

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The Art Academy - London

Aug 12, 2016 | Comments Off on The Art Academy Prospectus

� The new long course prospectus is now available for download.

Student & Tutors Shortlisted for Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize

Feb 23, 2017 | Comments Off on Student & Tutors Shortlisted for Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize

Good luck to 3rd year Fine Art Diploma student Gail Seres-Woolfson who has had 2 paintings shortlisted for the Lynn Painter Stainers Prize 2017.� Painting tutors Carl Randall & James Bland have also been shortlisted....

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Website: http://artacademy.org.uk

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Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art - I amsterdam

Situated on Museumplein, where it first opened in 1895, Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum is the largest Dutch museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art and design. The collection contains extraordinary pieces of art by world-renowned artists, including a great number of works by major twentieth-century Dutch artists.

Modern art in Amsterdam

A visit to the Stedelijk Museum takes the visitor on a...

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Website: http://www.iamsterdam.com

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Blue Space Art Gallery | Fine Arts Museum Ho Chi Minh ...

Blue Space Art Gallery

Blue Space Art Gallery was founded in 1995. The gallery's main objective is to promote the highest quality, contemporary Vietnamese Art to the art world both in Vietnam and abroad. Our location inside the Fine Arts Museum of Ho Chi Minh City provides visitors and locals with a beautiful,...

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Website: http://www.vietnamartist.com

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