Chinese Contemporary Artists - Ceramics and Pottery Arts ...

Chinese contemporary art began to began to open up to�the world art arena in the 1980's and 1990's, and while�comparatively in its infancy,�it is now making a vibrant impact. A selection�of the Chinese ceramicists and sculptors in the modern contemporary art field are represented below.

Xiao Wei�/ Zhengyin Art & Design

Chinese ceramicist �Xiao Wei, began in the field of ceramics then...

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Abstract Art for Den + Easy Modern Frame

Today I am revealing the abstract I painted as well as an easy frame that has a modern vibe I made with simple wood trim and a new product from Minwax .

Let me just say painting in your 40's is not the same as painting in your 20's. The freedom for self-expression is much different but with age comes self-awareness, ownership and a perspective that only comes from life experience. Although...

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Mind Blowing Acrylic Abstract Art Painting Video Lessons ...

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Amazing Acrylic Paint

We tend to think of paint as something that must be applied to a surface, and that's all most...

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Original Art | Williams Sonoma

Quicklook Julia Contacessi, Salt and Ash No. 1 $1,150

Original Art

Decorating your home with artwork is a wonderful way to fill it with expressions of your personality. Because tastes vary a lot from individual to individual, the pieces you choose say so much about you. Some are playful and energetic while others create a pensive mood instead. At Williams-Sonoma, we understand that you like being...

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Date: 2016-03-29 21:57:09

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